IEEE 802.15.4 Sniffer for OpenMote-CC2538

For my first research intership that is part of my Masters in Computer Science study I wrote a sniffer for IEEE 802.15.4 networks which is written to run on the OpenMote-CC2538 hardware.


  • The sniffer is lossless, all packets are captured
  • The captured packets can be monitored real-time in Wireshark (or can be written to a pcap file)
  • The sniffer is cross-platform, it will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • You can either show the FCS or replace it with the RSSI, LQI and an FCS Valid bit
  • CRC checks and retransmissions are used on the serial connection to avoid possible corruption between the peripheral and host

For more information, check the README in the github repository.